Tuesday, 24 June 2008

RadioHigh - Last Show This Session

Tune into to RadioHigh to hear our last show this session at RADIOHIGH.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Goodbye Around The World

The children in L2W were the voices for Voices Of The World this month were they were to say goodbye in the languages of some of the schools in the project.

Below is their presentation created by Mrs Tonner with the help of their teacher Mrs Wilson. If you want to hear all the other schools then go to Voices Of The World.

RadioHigh is Live!

RadioHigh's latest show can found HERE. Tune in and find out what has been happening this week and let the teacher's entertain you in the house quiz!

Let's Rap!

The children in L6A sound like they had fun learning how to be safe online. Listen to their raps below by clicking on the POSTS option to see all the different raps to choose from. If you want to see more L6 work then click HERE.

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Video Link From Hollywood!

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Monday, 9 June 2008

Internet Safety Raps

The children in L6 are learning about Internet Safety in a fun way. First the children learnt some SMART rules and created Internet Safety posters with a partner. Next the children created created background music and used the information they researched to create a rap. Listen to some of the raps below or go to our school wikispace to hear more.

In the podcast below, click on the POSTS option and listen to Andrew and John's rap - well worth a listen - Mrs Tonner :)

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