Sunday, 30 March 2008

Fun In Paris

On Friday 14th March, L7 took an 18-hour bus journey to Paris for a week -long holiday. After finally arriving at the hotel, Fiap Jean Monnet, we unpacked and ate dinner, followed by a disco.
On Sunday, there was a trip to the Sacre Coeur, which means Basilica of the sacred heart. A Palm Sunday service was taking place in this church. There was fantastic paintwork on the ceiling and the view from the top steps was beautiful. The group then walked to Montmartre where many had their portraits done, ate crepes and bought caricatures of themselves. Afterwards there was a River Seine boat trip. The class saw Notre Dame, The Louvre and several beautiful stone bridges. After dinner there was a Paris by night tour where the pupils were driven around Paris to see the as famous restaurants and the Eiffel Tower which was all lit up. The next day there was a buzz of excitement in the air as the L7s boarded the bus to go to Euro Disney. Favourite roller coasters among the L7s were space Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Indiana Jones. Space Mountain was by far the scariest and had three loop-de-loops. Surprisingly, though, it had the shortest queue. Thunder Mountain had a huge queue but was ‘well worth the wait’. It went really fast, quickly turned sharp corners and titled to the inside. Indiana Jones also went ‘really fast’ and had one loop-de-loop. The queue was extremely long and took about thirty minutes to get on the roller coaster.

That night the evening activity was bingo. Among the prize winners were Araminta , Callum , Seumus and Antonia .

On Tuesday it was finally the day to see the Eiffel Tower. Although it was rather windy the sun was shining so it did not matter. After waiting in the queue for the lift most were disappointed that they could not climb to the top as it was closed due to high winds. However, they managed to board the lift up to the second floor. The view was ‘stunning’ but it was cold so everyone came down with in thirty minutes. Next was Aqua Boulevard-the water park. Many people marked this outing as the favourite part of the Paris Trip. With outdoor flumes and a wave machine, everyone had a ‘brilliant time’. Many people loved the flumes more than anything else. You can go down flumes on lilos, boats and yellow double lilos. That night there was a disco for Dundee High pupils only and many people boogied the night away.

Finally it was Wednesday and time to tidy up their rooms, pack their bags and head to Calais for shopping before starting the long journey home. The whole experience was brilliant and all of L7 wish the L6s great fun next year!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Two Special Guests

Today at assembly we have two special guests: Mark Beaumont and Ted Bear. Listen to your heroes below:

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Mark Beaumont Visits Our School

On Thursday 27 March 2008,the round the world,record-breaking cyclist Mark Beaumont visited his old school to tell us about his great adventure.He talked to us about all the different countries he had cycled through.He is going to write a book about his experiences and there will soon be a film on BBC2 about his gruelling feat.

Mark started his career cycling from Dundee to Oban and then he cycled from the far north of Scotland to Land's End,the furthest away point of England.After that,he conquered the world in a record-breaking 194 days and 17 hours.

His trip started and ended at the Arc De Triomphe in Paris.He sponsered £1 per mile and in total he cycled for a backside-numbing 18,000 miles.Mark had 10 punctures but that did not stop him beating the previous record by three months!

We interviewed Matthew Reid (L6) and asked what he thought about Mark's feat.He said he was "very excited about meeting someone who broke the world record".That view was unanimous among the whole school.Everyone was enthralled by hearing of Mark's adventures.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Maths Challenge

Mrs Tonner's Maths group are working on decimals. Why not join them and try the challenges they were set:

Challenge 1:

Can you place the decimals in order without loosing any lives? Why not try the Decimal Sorting Game?

Challenge 2

Order the decimals in the game below:

Challenge 3 - do you know your place value? Try this QUIZ.

Challenge 4 - If you have Brain Academy, do the test and tell us your score. Remember to tell us what you are too!

Challenge 5 - Would you like to be a millionaire or mathonaire? If yes, then try the Mathonaire game and tell us how much you earned.

There are lots more games to improve your maths on our school wikispace. Why not try one now?

Mrs Tonner

Thursday, 13 March 2008

RadioHigh Heroes

RadioHigh's latest release can be found at RadioHigh. The show is packed with the usual features and has a very special guest, our hero, Mark Beaumont. Tune into the show and tell us what you think.