Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Maths Challenge

Mrs Tonner's Maths group are working on decimals. Why not join them and try the challenges they were set:

Challenge 1:

Can you place the decimals in order without loosing any lives? Why not try the Decimal Sorting Game?

Challenge 2

Order the decimals in the game below:

Challenge 3 - do you know your place value? Try this QUIZ.

Challenge 4 - If you have Brain Academy, do the test and tell us your score. Remember to tell us what you are too!

Challenge 5 - Would you like to be a millionaire or mathonaire? If yes, then try the Mathonaire game and tell us how much you earned.

There are lots more games to improve your maths on our school wikispace. Why not try one now?

Mrs Tonner

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