Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Back On Home Land

Back On Home Land
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It is 5.07 pm and we have just arrived back in England. The journey through France was bearable with various entertainment in the form of music and DVDs. Have to say that it did not live up to our entertainment yesterday where various dedications were given in various formats like opera stlye. Each teacher on coach 2 delighted the children with their unique approach to each dedication. The children obviously recognised the wealth of talent on their coach that they requested a bus idol to which the teachers glady accepted. The competition was tough with each teacher singing two numbers. Mr Jack was the outright winner though mainly on sympathy votes!!Requests for another bus idol were given but Mr Jack is now in retirement.

Today we stopped tr Calais shopping centre where everyone managed to find something to spend their money on. In a short time we plan to stop for tea then it is the long journey home

Mrs Tonner

PS - the DVDs on coach 2 disappeared this morning and were found on coach 1 Apparently a revenge move by staff for their missing tablet!!!

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Anonymous said...

Calais was good fun because i found some souvenirs for my family and for myself all in all it was great fun richard