Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Mobile Phones - Good Or Bad?

Today four primary seven children, Mrs Tonner and Mrs Rose went on the train to Glasgow to the SECC. Olivia, Jenna, Ronan and Rory were helping Mrs Tonner with her presentation about mobile phones in education. We wanted to show how they could be used constructively. At the end of the talk we invited our guests to ask us a question about mobile phones using their phones. On our way home we hope to use Mrs Tonner's phone to look at the blog and answer their questions. Let's hope they are not too tricky!


St Thomas Pupils said...

Hi Mrs Tonner and Mrs Rose !
It was lovely to meet you on the train on the way home from Glasgow. Thanks to you, our school has begun blogging this morning...;)
Looking at your school's blog we have a long way to go....but it would appear the world is now our oyster!
Thank you again
Ms Francis

Nadine said...

Hi everyone!
I am Nadine from the Allstars!
It's interesting to know that you are working on mobile phones!
Are they bad?
Well I think they are because they can cause ear problems from the sound waves.
Bye! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ithink mobiles are good because if you bus leaves with out you, you can contact someone. ALEX L6C