Sunday, 25 November 2007

Why All The Siniging And Dancing?

Two L6A boys interviewed Mrs Tonner to find out why she chose her latest assembly with an L4 class. To find out more read below:

So Mrs Tonner why choose Jack and the Beanstalk?
I choose Jack and the Beanstalk because Rauld Dahl wrote it and it had a very intresting story to it.I also choose it because it is a story that the whole school know.This is not just the standard Jack and the Beanstalk this is funnier and more exciting to watch with the addition of music.

How long did it take you to prepare for this play?
OH This play took ages to prepare for we had actually already done this play the year before but the fire alarm went off 3 times when we were performing to the school which spoilt the play.

Who is your favuorite character?
That would have to be the giant.

Do you use the same costumes for other plays?
So you found out ! I do use the same costumes for other plays such as Zoom and the Little Red Riding Hood assembly I did the week before.

Was it fun ?
It was great fun getting everyone to learn all of there lines, songs and parts but best of all was watching the audience reaction!

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