Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Texter Or Typer?

Are you a texter or typer? Do you prefer a qwerty keyboard or a mobile phone layout? Do you use predictive text or do you find it difficult? Are you faster at texting than typing? What do you use most - a keyboard or a mobile phone? What would you prefer to use?

Find out the L7 children's views on the above questions before they put the cre8txt product through a series of tests.


Anonymous said...

I think I like keyboards better I think I am faster on one and prefer it.

Findlay L7

Adam L7 said...

I think i am more of a typer than a texter because i have never been able to use predictive text before and i dont really text that much whereas i use the keyboard alot more.

Molly L7s said...

I think I'm a typer because I use a keyboard much more often,I find texting too slow and precise but I use predictive text on my phone! I'm faster at typing than texting as I write reports just for fun at home which has helped my typing skills along quite the bit...

Olivia L7A said...

I much more preffer using a mobile phone layout of the keys rather to a keyboard of a computer. The reasons for this is because i use the keys of a mobile more than a computer.
Olivia L7A

Alis said...

I am better on the key board than the mobile but I think it would be fun to use the new texting thing. I like to use predictave text

Anna L7 said...

I prefer to use the qwerty keyboard instead of the mobile phone keyboard.

Catriona L7D said...

I use a key board more often so I am probably quicker at typing than texting. I like pridictive text because it is quicker. I can do texting but not very fast.

Megan L7 said...

I prefer typing.I am faster at typing than texting .Idon't use predictive text and Ithink it's hard to use .

henry l7s said...

I like the keyboard because I am used to using a keyboard we also use them all the time at school,home and other places where computers are I don't like predictive text.

Findlay L7 said...

I think I am faster and better on a keyboard and I prefer it more to texting.

Findlay l7

Callum.S L7A said...

I would prefer a qwerty keyboard rather than a mobilephone because it is easyer to use.

brewster l7a said...

l like texting better than typing and l like a phone layout better . Pridictive text as well.

gordon L7D said...

I use keyboards because when i was younger i only used keyboards. Predictive text is good and bad, sometimes i type a word but then it changes to another word but there are some good points to like when you get a word wrong and its corrected.

laura L7D said...

I think predictive text isn't that good because it distracts you when your trying to text im faster texting on a mobile phone

keir l7d said...

I do like predictive text because it helps you spell words.

Alis L7D said...

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megan L7 said...




I used cr8txt


keir l7d said...

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Anonymous said...

i prefer the keyboard more than the cre8tive text because predictive text is to hard if it comes up as a different word. a keyboard is far more easy than the cre8text