Friday, 30 March 2007

Easter Time

The Easter holidays are just about started and the children are very excited. This morning we had our curch service at St Andrew's Parish Church led by Mr Petrie. The primary 4/5 choir sang 'Something To Sing About' expertly. Rory and Alice from primary 6 delivered their readings with confidence.

This is the first time the Junior children have visited St Andrew's Parish Church. Here is a little history about the church:

  • It was completed in 1774;
  • The spire rises to 139 feet;
  • There is a splendid west tower with a classical steeple;
  • The clock now in St Andrew’s steeple was made by James Ivory, Dundee.

Have a wonderful holiday boys and girls and don't eat too many Easter eggs.

Mrs Tonner

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Back On Home Land

Back On Home Land
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It is 5.07 pm and we have just arrived back in England. The journey through France was bearable with various entertainment in the form of music and DVDs. Have to say that it did not live up to our entertainment yesterday where various dedications were given in various formats like opera stlye. Each teacher on coach 2 delighted the children with their unique approach to each dedication. The children obviously recognised the wealth of talent on their coach that they requested a bus idol to which the teachers glady accepted. The competition was tough with each teacher singing two numbers. Mr Jack was the outright winner though mainly on sympathy votes!!Requests for another bus idol were given but Mr Jack is now in retirement.

Today we stopped tr Calais shopping centre where everyone managed to find something to spend their money on. In a short time we plan to stop for tea then it is the long journey home

Mrs Tonner

PS - the DVDs on coach 2 disappeared this morning and were found on coach 1 Apparently a revenge move by staff for their missing tablet!!!

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Splish Splash

Today we set off early to visit a Science museum which was enormous. The children spent a few hours exploring the many exhibits and interactive areas. After a picnic outside it was straight to the swimming where the children and teachers had a whale of a time.

We arrived home in time for tea then it was the farewell disco where the boys showed their break dancing moves on the floor. Not too sure about the teachers' moves though!!!

Time for bed and packing for a busy day tomorrow.

Mrs Tonner

Monday, 26 March 2007

The Day We Have All Been Waiting For

Today we all went to Disney. What a fantastic time we had being tossed and turned and all the rides. The screams from the children and teachers as they took to the sky on Space Mountain could be heard all over the park. This was a day to remember by all as it was non-stop action from the moment we left the hotel. To calm things down at night the children are currently participating in a game of French bingo.
Mrs Tonner
PS - the truth about about the sweet teeth teachers on coach two was discovered at the end of the day at Paris!!!

Sunday, 25 March 2007

What A Day

Today was packed with lots of things to see. Our first stop was Montmartre which rises out of the flatness of Paris with its myriad of small streets which have been both homes and studios to a preponderance of the west's great 19th and 20th century artists from Degas to Monet and Picasso to Dali. At Montmartre we visited the Sacre Couer with had magnificent features inside and out. Next to Montmartre's new art market centres on Place du Tertre where “starving” unknowns offer paintings for sale. Many children had their portriats done which I am sure you will all be looking forward to seeing. You can decide if the picture is a caricature or the real thing!

Next we hopped on the bus and were taken to the Eiffel Tower. Before taken the journey up the tower we ate lunch first then start ascending the magnificent tower. The children loved the journey in the lifts with many squeals of delight being heard.

After the Eiffel Tower it was straight down to river for our boat trip on the Sienne. The scenery was fantastic with the added excitement of a pigeon inside the boat!!

It was back to the hotel for tea then the creme de la creme - a tour of Paris by night. Out commentator delighted us with his witty lines and endless information.

Lights out when we came back as DISNEY tomorrow.

Mrs Tonner

PS - some teachers on coach 2 have a very sweet teeth!!!

It Feels Like The Middle Of The Night

It feels like the middle of the night. We had to put our clocks forward two hours rather than one resulting in gettting up in what feels like the middle of the night. Miss Cardno was certainly bright and breezy but I can't say that much for myself (Mrs Tonner). We are all looking forward to an action packed day. Come back later to read all about it.

Saturday, 24 March 2007


We are at the hotel and are having a great time at the disco. Everyone is tapping their feet even the teachers are up on the dance floor!!!!

Here We Are In Paris

We have all arrived safely in Paris and we are all enjoying a fabulous dinner. We are looking forward to the activities ahead.

White Horse

White Horse
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We are just about to enter the Eurotunnel and to our left is a huge white horse. Not a real one but a creation by Charles Newington using Blanc De Beirges slabs which are noted for their durability. This was created for the milennium and it is hoped it will still be in place in a thousand years time.

Early Bird Catches The Worm

Early Bird Catches The Worm
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It is just past 6 in the morning and we have just stopped for breakfast. The children headed straight for the cooked breakfast that the staff looked a little worried as the food quickly disappeared. Although it is VERY early in the morning the children are bright and talkative, not like some members of staff.

Midnight Feast

Midnight Feast
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Well it is just past midnight and we are at our first stop. The children have suddenly come alive but hopefully will fall asleep when the lights go out - we wish.

Friday, 23 March 2007

Here We Go, Here We Go

Here We Go, Here We Go
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Here we go, here we go here we go to PARIS. The time is exactly 8.30pm and no tears from children but a few from staff. The bus is surrounded by the sounds of high pitched voices laughing and talking. The trip of the Junior School has now started.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

One More Sleep To Go

One more sleep to go before the L6 and L7 children go on their trips to Dalguise and Paris.

Monday, 19 March 2007

Primary 3 Are Blogging

The children in Miss Hulbert's class are blogging!!! Look at their fantastic instructions on how to make a Mother's Day Card. Well done Miss Hulbert and her children in L3.

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A new radio show is currently being created by a group of children in primary 7 at The High School of Dundee, Scotland and children in year 5 at Capel Le Ferne Primary School, England. The children are going to use the latest technology to create a show that brings both schools together as one voice. Our first show will not be until after the Easter holidays. Wish us luck.
Mrs Tonner

Monday, 12 March 2007

Shine On Me Forever

Next at the movies is a short film by Zara, Betty, Chris and Findlay. They used Windows Movie Maker and Dance Ejay to create their show for Lg Shine.

Shine On Me

This is our first movie on the Internet. It was created by Betty, Zara, Findlay (L6)and Chris for the new LG Shine mobile that we kindly received to review.