Monday, 14 January 2008

Ted & Mark's Travels

Here is a picture of Ted camping with Mark. Can you think of caption for this picture? Send your answers as a comment and the best caption will win a small prize. Remember to put your first name and class. Mrs Tonner


SallyL5P said...

Ted's campsite

Anonymous said...

I think it is a great challenge Mark has set himself and I hope he makes it!!! I certainly don't fancy meeting a tarantula when I go camping!!!

My caption is:

"Ted bear livin' it up at the Ritz!"

Hannah, L7

Anonymous said...

i think it is great that mark is challenging the record go for it mark you to ted
this is my caption:
1....20 here i come ready or not mark ohno what was that noise was it a coyote where are you mark help im all alone all i have are these bottles of water im scared.

Rory A,L7A

Anonymous said...

Mark is doing great and I hope he breaks the record. He has set himself such a hard challenge and he believed that he could do it and he just about has.

duncan, L7A

Anonymous said...

It must be quite fun traveling around the world with mark and to be the first BEAR to travel around the world !!

My caption is

"its nice and warm under here"

Alice L7A

Sadik L7A said...

Mark is doing amazing he has set himself a very hard challenge and is sticking to it.I wouldn't like to come across cayotes and tarantulas though. I think he will definetly break the record.

Lucy L7s said...

I Love The Food!!!

Anonymous said...

mark has a great challage ahead of him but i think he will beat the record by miles. ted is doing great to.

Alex L7D said...

It must be quite fun traveling around the world.

My caption is:

Ted, livin the hard life.

Anonymous said...

Come on Mark and Ted we know you can do you can do it.You are going to be the first bear to cycle around the world .

Katrina L7A

Olivia L7A said...

Ted's looking like he needs a bath now but I'm sure his journey is still going well and good luck!
My caption is:
" I know I may look daft but you never know when a warm drip of water will fall and I can finally wash my fur!"

Anonymous said...

Now where did I put plates?

India L7D