Saturday, 23 February 2008

The Entrance

Here is our hero, Mark Beaumont, at the Radisson Hotel where some L7 children are there to
see him and celebrate his achievement of cycling around the world in 194 days and 17 hours. Mark spoke to the invited guests about his great achievement and even mentioned out Ted Bear and out school. There were lots of people there but Mark still managed to come over and be interviewed by some of our RadioHigh reporters for the next show.
Mark is very busy with interviews and trying to get used to walking again rather than cycling but he has promised he will come to our school in the very near future.
Mrs Tonner


AnnaL7A said...

The people that got to go to see Mark are soo lucky it must have been great.

Olivia L7A said...

Well done Mark, that was the moment we were all waiting for and it looked like Mark enjoyed the end too! Your whole journey must have been an enjoyable and exciting time.

Anonymous said...

Well done Mark. Your journey must have been exciting. The people who got to see you are very lucky.

Ellie L6a